Dongdaemun Merchants Union x Metaverse

DDMTOWN is reborn as a metaverse platform.

DDMTOWN Metaverse Touring

DDMTOWN Metaverse Touring

presents a new paradigm connecting the virtual and real worlds.

Fashion Mall

Display and promote products for

each creator brand, and support a convenient

one-step process from the showroom

interface for buyers to product details

and payment pages 

Fashion Show

Supports various performance functions for

fashion shows, such as a wide range of

stages and stage sets

Convention Fair

A space for various EXPO events

such as brand fairs, product demonstrations,

and exhibitions 

Conference Room

A large room for forums, meetings,

and conferences that users can

quickly join through site links

Art Gallery

Supports selling, promoting, exhibiting,

and introducing various artworks 

NFT Gallery

Support the exhibition and sales of

NFT content in various fields such as fashion,

music, digital art, photography, and sports

by linking with the NFT transaction service

FAVOR SHOP's artists

Metaverse virtual space

NFT Gallery 

NFT exhibition and sales through NFT Gallery linked with FAVOR SHOP.

Provide various customer experiences. 

2D and 3D display support

- Supports frame-type 2D display

and 360-degree rotatable 3D display

- Providing a variety of differentiated

experiences according to the exhibition

composition and movement route

Gallery customization

- Provides options for customizing the

exhibition hall according to the concept of

each exhibition

- Provides a custom selection of

lighting, background music, work location,

and special effects

Exhibition Category

- Content categories by trend according

to customer preferences

- Digital artwork, fashion design, music,

photography, sports, Etc.

Interworking with FAVOR SHOP

- Supports faster and more stable transactions

by linking with the NFT trading platform


Artist personalized support 

- Support for PR activities and personal gallery

for the growth of up-and-coming artists

Virtual clothing NFT sales
and merchandise production 

- After making the designer's design NFT,

support exhibition and sales. Additional

revenue generation through physical product sales and support for digital archiving of

seasonal products by brand

- Design planning support through customer

data trend reporting according to each NFT.

Quickly turn NFT virtual clothing into actual

clothing through 3D printing.

- Cross-selling of physical products

and digital NFT products 

Metaverse virtual space

Convention center  

Support cultural activities such as exhibitions, performances, meetings, conferences, and fashion shows.

Functional support for events
and conferences

Various functions for meetings and presentations.

Supports large screen and voice functions,

document sharing, video conferencing,

and administrator control functions

Functional support for
exhibitions and events 

Entertainment Stage for brand events,

performances, festivals, and fashion shows.

Supports large screen, virtual space,

and item customization options, support

for music and voice sharing functions

Functional support
for meetings 

Metaverse function support for

accessible meeting Lounge for

NFT community and social meetings,

Supports chat and voice-based

communication functions

Trendy hall design

A hall that can be used for

multiple purposes with a

trendy design based on curves

Metaverse viral marketing 

When holding a metaverse event

in DDMTOWN, viral marketing is

possible as publishing an article

with a trendy brand image

familiar to MZ

Free participation without restrictions

A multi-purpose hall that

can be used for any purpose at

any time without time

and space constraints

Participant selection
and easy invitation

Inviting all participants or private

access will depend on the event.

Easy participation by sending a

link to the site
Addr.Headquarter Untermuli 6, Zug, SWISS


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