Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative, Dongdaemun’s first metaverse platform, DDMTOWN, launched

19 Aug 2022

The Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative announced that it would launch the metaverse platform DDMTOWN this month.

DM Town is a metaverse worldview created by the Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative to brand K-FASHION worldwide while online and digitalizing the value of Dongdaemun in the existing analog-oriented market structure.

Through this, excellent products from the Dongdaemun wholesale market can be purchased directly, and various brand stores are scheduled to enter the store. In addition, along with the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ‘Global Beauty Industry Hub, Seoul’ basic plan, it plans to expand its scope to beauty and food.

In addition, an independent NFT exhibition hall was opened in DM Town and NFT market was linked to facilitate NFT transactions. The NFT market has a differentiated configuration, such as purchasing NFT with carefully selected content and collaboration with influencers and fashion brands, and receiving actual clothing delivered, and issuing limited edition NFTs combined with fashion. In the future, NFT, which authenticates ownership of digital assets, will be introduced to realize free transfer, sale, and rental between merchants.

In addition, a separate DM Town conference space is created to hold various performances and exhibitions.

An official from the company said, “DM Town is Dongdaemun’s first metaverse platform designed to overcome the crisis of Dongdaemun, a global fashion cluster. will,” he said.

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