Dongdaemun Merchants Union’s comprehensive service metaverse platform

About us

DDMTOWN is a new service ecosystem that has

built the three most important values of Metaverse,

NFT, and commerce by blockchainizing the

Dongdaemun landmark commercial area.

We provide a convenient way for users to

use various NFTs and commerce in DDMTOWN's

Metaverse so that anyone in the world can

enjoy the Dongdaemun landmark easily and

in a fun way.

DDMTOWN is an integrated platform connecting

online and offline shopping mall TTHOLIC,

merchandisers, and consumers in Metaverse

through Dongdaemun Market infrastructure and

big data. We protect the copyright

and ownership of designers through NFT.

DDMTOWN is an ecological platfor

 built based on blockchain.

We do not simply use the Metaverse

but make a more transparent and stable platform

by linking commerce and NFT transactions

with the blockchain. 

The ultimate goal of DDMTOWN is

to support users with digital assets

to have a place they can

efficiently use through

blockchain technology. 

DDM Information

The combination of Metaverse and NFT

New blueprint

proposal using NFT

A solution development metaverse platform

that supports influencers, designers,

and artists to become makers and create

NFTs for their own benefit Support

for exhibitions and fashion shows

through DDMTOWN metaverse



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